Featured Makers

Julie in July.

Embroidery detail on Jacket by Vintage Attitude.
Over the three years that Margot  has been open, we have been lucky enough to build great bonds and friendships with our featured makers who have been largely like minded textile loving folk.  Many of them found us originally via the online world on our blog, Facebook and Instagram but with some we have developed real life relationships which is so lovely.
Designer and maker, Julie Sayers of Vintage Attitude. reached out to us when we put a call out for makers to feature at Margot last year whilst at the time she was  living in Colchester with a plan to move to the Brighton area at some point in the future, we stocked her beautiful garments  last summer and sold several pieces,  so we were delighted to welcome  Julie back as our featured maker for July.  In her own words there have certainly been some big changes for Julie since last year…
“I moved to Brighton only 6 months ago and am so delighted to finally have my home by the sea. I have met so many fellow creatives that I am sure being amongst them will only increase my passion for making.
My jacket designs were a direct response to my utter bewilderment at the result of the European Referendum last summer.
As a creative person I love diversity and the mixing of people and cultures and find it very inspiring.
The embroidered linens are so quintessentially English and although the traditional African prints are in complete contrast I feel they work so beautifully together.
They have become known as my Culture Clash jackets!”
                                                                                                     Julie Sayers.
At Margot we love it when makers communicate their individual ideas and inspirations and we find that our customers  are fascinated by the motivations  and deeper meanings behind the surface.
We have a small range of jackets in stock and each one is totally different and unique. Julie uses vintage embroidered and printed fabrics and juxtaposes these with bold african prints, the jackets are loose fitting, colourful and flattering and we think they would make  great cover ups at festivals or on your hols!
To contact Julie, follow the links to Vintage Attitude on Facebook.  and Instagram.com/vintageattitude/
All writing and photos by Louise Tyler.

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