Happy New Year

We are gradually getting into “Margot“mode now, after a lovely Christmas time, we managed to open up Margot more than last year actually, mostly because we had such lovely weather over the festive period and also due to our  fabulous featured maker Sewgirl, who stepped in and opened up shop for us a couple of  extra times in the week between Christmas and New Year. The area around the East Beach Studios is a really nice place to take a stroll along the beach, have a coffee or a brunch at Coast cafe and let the littlie’s run off a bit of steam at the playground or on the beach, the weather was so mild we even had people paddle boarding on the  calm, mill pond sea on New Years Eve!

Sadly, since then the weather has rather taken a nosedive, not much snow here but lots of rain and that dark, dreary atmosphere we often get at this time of year… today is  not called Blue Monday for nothing!  It is perfect weather though  for hunkering down and planning and working on new ideas in anticipation of the longer spring days.

So for now we will just wish you a happy start to 2017  and hope that you will keep in touch, we will continue to share our Margot stories on and

So please like and follow  to find out what we are up to, much love and see you soon .

Lou X


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