It’s been a strange old year ..2016,  and I think that many people will be glad to see the back of it for lots of reasons.

In Britain we have had some seismic changes and decisions made about our nation’s future that will reverberate for generations,  shocking sentiments that have been openly and proudly expressed this year,  I last heard in the 1970’s and 80’s and hoped never to hear them again, I certainly did not think I would.  Sadly,  It seems that the human race does not change very much does it? For every progressive step forward we seem to jump back two.

It is very rare to find a post here that touches upon the bigger picture or the political landscape, the Margot blog is  fundamentally about our collective journey and combined endeavour to continue to share our “Margot ” vision,  our love of making, designing, recycling and creating. it is deliberately light hearted in content but hopefully represents what we do clearly. However this Christmas , more than any other in my lifetime  I want to share the one biggest lesson that I have learnt from the two years (and a bit) that I have been involved with this little golden beach hut. That without each other, Rachael, Sally and Jane and myself,  Margot, the beach hut makery could not exist, we  all help, support, encourage and inspire each other to make what we do  better, we give and take, we pull together, we are kind to each other and we try to treat each other with  understanding, dignity and respect. No one and nothing is ever perfect and compromises are made often but we share a desire to make it work and we have become friends as well as colleagues. Thank you girls!

I know we are not unique or especially saintly people and many  are doing the same and much, much more,  my wish for 2017 is that the same kindness, inclusiveness and understanding will come to the fore and  suppress the mean spirited, divisive and bigoted views that have bubbled to the surface in 2016.  We are better than that and we have to step up and show it!

With that thought in mind, I would like to wish you  and your loved ones a very happy and peaceful Christmas and much strength and resilience for the coming year and what it may bring.

Lou Tyler.

PS: To round things off in true Margot fashion here are some pretty pics of Christmas 2016 at Margot, the little beach hut makery with the big handmade heart.


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