Featured Makers


As we slowly amble into Autumn on the South coast , and I might add that we have had some beautiful warm mild days recently, we are starting to prepare for the onset of colder weather and the dreaded C word!   Our featured maker for October is a jewellery maker and  at Margot we have a wide range of  her necklaces, brooches and earrings,  her name is Joan Terry and she is also Rachael’s talented mum!

Rachael and I had a fun afternoon photo session  with these beautiful pieces last week at Margot . We love the  feeling of  connection  to antiquity in the design,  with the use of shape, colour and gemstone reminiscent of bronze age and celtic  jewellery. Joan’s jewellery will be available at Margot through October and we think they make great gifts for any lover of the handmade or artisan .

For  further enquiries about Joan’s work ,  please email joanterryjewellery@gmail.com .

Joan Terry

In her own words…..

I’ve been making jewellery for about four years, starting with pearl knotting and then developed an interest in metal work. Inspiration comes from a keen interest in historic jewellery design and techniques and also the folklore and legends connected with particular stones.
I love using beautiful natural gemstones allowing the colour, shape and texture to influence my designs.
I make most of the jewellery components from wire rather than buy them ready made, this allows me to achieve the exact look I require, copper is my favourite, a lovely soft metal, nice to work, but once work hardened, durable for wear.

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