Working together.

Recently,  Sally  and I have  achieved a long held wish to collaborate on a project together.

Although we all run Margot together, work there, share the opening times  and staffing duties and are in regular phone/ email and social media contact, we don’t always see each other that often and it can often be weeks before we get a chance to meet up in person.

In addition , though we share a similar aesthetic, we adopt very different styles, I am a maximalist who loves colour, detail and lots of embellishment while Sally prefers a more pared down, classic look, so we had to trust each other to respect these differences, while still allowing each other to express our creative ideas and to use our different skills.

After a brief discussion and agreeing a few guidelines for colour, etc. we  decided to approach working together a little like a game of pass the parcel.

Firstly, Sally covered a thrifted large lampshade with a bright yellow furnishing fabric and a panel of sixties print barkcloth. She then passed the shade to me to embellish and decorate, I started to work on crocheting trims and  dip dyeing tassles.  To contrast and coordinate with the yellow, I chose royal blue and bright pink yarns combined with further touches of matching yellow and  finished with cream cotton tassles that were dip dyed  several times until I achieved the  strong inky blue shade I wanted.

Louise and Sally working together on a collaborative lampshade project for Margot.

The finished lampshade is now at Margot awaiting its own lamp stand which is going to be painted, it is bold, bright  and beautiful and all made using preloved materials and yarn (apart from the dye). I like to think of it as the sort of lampshade that Frida Khalo would have liked!

We (including Rachael ) are hoping to work on a  further range of lampshades, home accessories  and smaller products together that we can display and sell at Margot, I will let you know how this develops. But I really enjoyed working with Sally and hope it won’t be too long before we do it again.

Lou Tyler.


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