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May, making and mojos.

Our first pair of  featured makers have been and gone and here we are halfway through May  with our second two.  How did that happen? Time seems to be speeding up!

We are really pleased with the response to our  Featured makers and hope that they have been pleased with their sales and being part of the Margot story for a while.

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When you try new ideas it is so hard to predict whether it will be successful or not but so far its been very positive for us  at Margot and  dare I say it, given us all a bit of a creative kick in the butt!

When you are sewing, crocheting, embroidering  and generally  making  like mad, it can be quite hard to sustain your energy and enthusiasm, your making mojo if you like?   When you put your work out there for people to see it can feel quite daunting, will people like it?  will they hate it?  Even worse will they even notice?… and now its out there what next? …more of the same or something completely new?

It has been really energising for us as a team to receive the work from our monthly featured makers, we get to show  and sell beautiful, unique work to a new audience which in turn inspires us to  try out new ideas and techniques that help to keep our own work fresh.. its a win/ win situation!

At Margot team HQ, we feel that it is essential  that as a group  we  only make, show and sell items with real handmade heart and soul, things that are made with sheer love and passion for  the craft that we undertake and a respect for the materials, old and new,  and the traditional processes that we use.

We have no desire to simply churn out generic “stuff”… what would be the point of that!

Hopefully,  at Margot  and with the skills of our featured makers on board we can create  little windows into each of our personal creative worlds that enable us to share our stories and tell our tales.

To find out more about our Featured makers so far,  and how to  get involved, click on the Featured makers  page on the top menu.


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